Monday, January 28, 2008

Sprout and Quanta's Introduction Into the World!

Meet the two newest (and cutest) members of the Apothecary herd!

Ryan says hello to the newborns.
Sprout is the spitting image of his mom, Sweet Pea. Quanta, a darling black-with-red-highlights girl, is our miracle baby! We almost lost her, but thankfully, all things worked out, and Quanta is healthy and growing more vigorous with each passing day!

Here's our sweet, ADD goat baby! Sprout has more energy than a million hummingbirds!!!

Quanta on Day #2, looking happier and healthier

Quanta trying to walk - still unsteady on her feet, but MUCH stronger!

I love this picture!: "Yin and Yang"

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