Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Aging Hippies Need Skin Care Too!

Salutations, Everybody! Just wanted to let you know that the "soap bug" has hit the Garrett household again (after remaining dormant for several months, until sheer necessity - who wants to buy STORE soap??!!! - forced us out of our funk and back into gear!). I need to tweak with the scent a bit for the next time, but this current batch is a mixture of white lotus and patchouli, with hints of rose geranium and bergamot. We have made the soap with half olive oil and half sunflower oil - something we haven't done before - and we also added powdered marsh mallow root. Both of these new ingredients act as emollients, softening dry, irritated skin. Due to this fact, and the mixture of scents, we thought that "Aging Hippie" was an excellent name for this batch of soap! After all, even aging hippies need the occasional, all-natural, skin pampering...

Next week, we have plans to make more of our Cinnamon-Orange-Spice soap (which was very popular last time), and from there I think I will move on to more 3 Kings Antibacterial (an excellent farm soap!) and possibly some Dragons Blood (a new batch).

Take care, and stay clean!

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