Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Reign of Jugi:
July 17, 2005 - November 3, 2009

The reign of "Foo" lasted for far too brief a time: July 17th, 2005 - November 3rd, 2009. I still remember going into the Petsmart in Salt Lake, in order to buy cat food for a different kitty that I was pet-sitting, and seeing that little strawberry-milk-mustache in the pet carrier. Petsmart was having their big cat adoption event. It was love at first sight for me. I asked if I could take Jugi into the glass "meeting room" where we could interact. He spent the entire time completely ignoring me, and trying to figure out how to escape. I knew then that he was the perfect kitty for me. My aunt paid the adoption fee for me as a belated birthday present, and I took my new kitty home. I remember accidentally banging the carrier against the kitchen door as I brought him in ("Welcome home, Jugi!" *smash* "Ooops! Sorry..."). That first night he claimed the foot of my bed (setting in motion a trend that would continue almost every night for the rest of our time together). I wasn't used to sleeping with a kitty at the foot of my tiny futon bed, so during the night I accidentally threw my legs over him in my sleep. I was quickly awakened to the feeling of having my feet bitten repeatedly by a very annoyed kitty.

I love you, Jugi.


LRH said...

I am so sorry about Jugi. I remember how he would hide under the heater in your old apartment on South Temple. What an adorable cat he was! Those were good days. 2005 seems later than I remembered though, since I moved away in Sept 2005. I can't believe it was only 2 months that he was there!
Love laura.

gloria said...

Your Inn sounds lovely. So sorry about Jugi. Gloria