Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The "Rosalind": A 1940s Vintage-Inspired Felt Tilt Hat

Using a basic oval hat block (hand-carved by my wonderful husband!), the lovely Jeanna created this fabulous sculpted brown felt tilt hat! It is actually made of a single piece of felt with a gathered base (gathers are tucked into the back brim, creating some very cool accordion pleats). Because I wanted the focus to be on the fascinating structure of this hat, I trimmed it very simply with some sheer metallic gold ribbon, and made a messy little bow in back. If this were a true vintage tilt hat, it would be held on the head using a stiff piece of circular felt at the back of the hat. However, I chose to attach an elastic band.




We have named the hat after Rosalind Russell, a movie actress from the 1930s/1940s.

The "Rosalind" will be available for sale as a custom order on Etsy very soon!

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