Monday, November 18, 2013

Sexy Storage Space

After years of listening to me complain about how terrible my bedroom closet was for storage, the amazing Mr. Garrett finally built me a custom cedar-lined box of mothy death!  Hurray!

He started by dismantling the shelves of the old closet.

Then, he paneled all the walls in cedar (with cedar moulding).

He built me a custom wooden bracket.  Not only will this beefy piece support my massive vintage addiction, but it also makes sure to hold my clothing the proper width and height.  This ensures that my wide swing coats and long dresses are properly situated off of the floor and away from the cedar walls (you don't want your clothing touching cedar, as the oils in the wood will stain the material).

He built me a poplar shelf on top for storing massive amounts of hat boxes (FYI - still not enough storage space for my collection!  I think I need a larger closet...maybe in the next house...?), and a wide enough hidden shelf along the back walls to host a Noah's Ark of shoes (they proceeded two by two).

There is also a small shoe shelf on the floor, with enough space underneath to store a few more hat boxes.

And here's the finished design!  As you've probably guessed, I'm one VERY happy camper.

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