Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And Life Continues in Its Spiral Dance...
So hard to believe how quickly time flies...I am always shocked. They say that time goes by more quickly the older that you get - if that is true, I am going to be in trouble! It's flying by much too fast already! I guess it's simply because there is always so much to do, and never enough time to accomplish it in.
Today is my two-year wedding anniversary with my
husband. It seems surprising simply because it feels as though it should be LONGER. Has it only been two years?? I feel as though I have known him lifetimes...
As spring progresses into summer, we are enjoying
the fruits of our labors. The fruits are ripening on the trees in the orchard, my garden is growing splendidly, and my roses are in full bloom. The days are long and the nights warm - this is my FAVORITE time of year!
The remodeling on the house has temporarily halted. We will resume renovations this fall/winter, but for now we need to focus on the ani
mals and the harvests. Cappuchino and Chicklet (two of our miniature donkey jennets) have been successfully bred, and Frieda (the other jennet) is off at the Benson Ranch for one final attempt (failing this, she will be officially deemed sterile). The nigerian goats are thriving, and Cheerio and Breeze will be bred to Piddlin Acres BZ Suede Boots this fall (for a March 2009 kidding). I am so excited! Speaking of goats, we heard back from the autopsy on Chanel: she tested positive for Listeriosis. How horrible!! I feel so bad for the breeder. I pray for her sake that it was an isolated case, as she is such a wonderful woman and does NOT deserve to have this sort of thing happen to her!
Well, I could write more, but I think I will leave yo
u with some pictures from around the farm instead...Adieu!

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