Saturday, January 31, 2009

Apothecary Farm SB Troz

Please meet the newest addition to our farm!

Well, we finally got our babies out of Zilla! She gave birth late last night to two kids, a boy and a girl. Sadly, the boy (named "Zort") did not make it. He was born weighing less than a pound (nigerians are supposed to weigh at least three pounds at birth), and was incredibly weak. We did everything we could - tried to get Zilla to lick him (she was ignoring him in favor of the other baby; so strange, it's like they know when one isn't going to make it), and then we cleaned and dried him off, got him warm, got him his shots and got colostrum into him asap - but after about 30 minutes he gave a little sigh and stopped breathing. Ryan and I were heartbroken. There wasn't any fluid in his lungs or anything visibly wrong with him as far as we could see, I think he was just too small to function. In any case, we are trying to stay positive and remember that we have a happy, HEALTHY, little baby girl "Troz!" She came into the world raring to go! She is brown with a white spot on her side, and white and gray moon spots on her sides and back. We are going to allow her to dam-raise, as Ryan & I decided a while back that if there was only one baby born per kidding, we could not do bottle feeding (as the baby would get lonely!). So we are going to let her nurse from/stay with Zilla, same as we did for Poit.

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Heather said...

Congratulations on your new addition, Jillian. Too bad the second one didn't make it, but my husband (a former NICU nurse) would say that little soul is ready for another recycling. . .on another subject, if you're planning to open a B&B this coming summer, might I recommend you take a look at the Oregon B&B Guild? We have members who are also on farms, vineyards, etc. And education, group marketing, and promotion of your business. It's at

Good luck!
Heather at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast, Joseph, OR