Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Attack of the Purple Sweet Potato Eater!

This year I have decided that I simply do not have enough blue and purple foods in my life. I decided to remedy this by planting several varieties of blue and purple potatoes (Adirondack Blue, All Blue, Purple Cowhorn) as well as purple artichokes and beans. Now, I have finally managed to track down the greatest prize of all (and here you thought that my purple "bear poo" cowhorn potatoes were the most sought-after prize! *grin*): the "Purple" sweet potato variety. This sweet potato is not like the Okinawa Purple, which has purple flesh but brown skin. Oh no, the Purple variety has light purple skin with deep, gem-purple flesh! Thanksgiving sweet potatoes will never be the same! Many thanks to Duck Creek Farms in Oklahoma for reserving some of these slips for me (you can also find them at Sand Hill Preservation Center, but they are sold out for 2010). I look forward to the much-anticipated arrival of my slips in the mail soon!

In other news, my Aji Limon peppers, Litchi Tomatoes, Naranjilla, and Borage seeds have begun to poke their heads above the soil. The first three will be grown as perennial container plants, and brought indoors for the winter. Now that it appears as though the weather has mellowed out enough, I will also begin planting my Cordao and Moldavian Dragonshead starts outside too.

Look for more pictures and plant varieties as the gardening season progresses!

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