Monday, May 10, 2010

A New Life & A New Set of Memories

Meet Jugi 2.0

Many thanks to Danielle at the Del Norte Humane Society in Crescent City, CA, for her amazing help in bringing Jugi 2.0 to me.

It was love at first sight when I viewed the picture of Jugi 2.0 (formerly "Benji Button") on the website. There was something so...familiar...about him. He reminded me strikingly of my beloved Jugi (whom we lost to cancer in November 2009).
See if you can understand what I mean:

Image courtesy of Crescent City Animal Rescue

When I brought Jugi 2.0 home roughly 2 weeks after first beginning the adoption process (it's a long story and the reason that I am SO thankful for Danielle!), there was an immediate connection. I had only ever seen him in a single photograph up until that time, but upon bringing him home, we both bonded. He slept curled up on my side all night, and every night since then has slept with us in bed (very atypical for a young, active kitten!). He is a sweet & precious baby who loves to play but yet is very polite and only needs to be told "no" once in order to stop. This has been a paradise after Adso! Speaking of the "Meowosaur," he is happy, FAT, and doing well! However, because we need to take Jugi 2.0 into the vet tomorrow for testing and a general post-adoption exam (the Del Norte Humane Society does not test for FiV or any of the other contagious diseases), Adso has been relegated to the barn and given strict mousing instructions until he can be safely introduced to Jugi 2.0 back at the house. I think Jugi 2.0 will test negative for all of those awful diseases, but it is still important to get the testing and exam accomplished. Every new pet owner owes it to their animal to do this!

In the meantime, Jugi 2.0 is loving his new home, and we are loving the completion of our furry feline family! I think that Jugi 2.0 and Adso are going to be the best of friends someday soon, and I look forward to having two wonderful cats in my life for many years to come.


Emerald Window said...

We met jugi when we stayed at the Inn this week-end and he's a doll. He couldn't have better "parents".

Apothecary Inn said...

Ahhhhh, shucks! ;)