Friday, October 15, 2010

Grocery Shopping Palooza

Yesterday, I took my grandmother grocery shopping. I generally offer to drive her to the store in order to keep my grandfather from doing it (who should NOT be driving but refuses to admit it...and the DMV keeps letting him renew his license...sigh...), and because I enjoy spending time with my grammy. That being said, going grocery shopping with her is a bit of an all-day extravaganza. We usually follow a routine involving a combination of most or all of the following: BiMart, Thunderbird, Food4Less, and Grocery Outlet, spirnkled with the occasional thrift store. At first, I had a hard time getting off of my high and mighty horse and deigning to go into (let alone - *gasp* - SHOP in) one of those places, but after a while, I realized it was actually a smart idea. You generally saved quite a bit of money, and often times found some pretty splendid items! For example, Grocery Outlet this past week must have bought out the merchandise from a Wild Oats type of store: there was a spectacular assortment of Odwalla drinks, and all natural bath products & makeup. I was pretty excited! And the thrift stores are generally where I do all of my vintage clothing shopping, especially around Halloween (when everyone donates their old "costumes" which are really vintage clothing). This time, I struck even better than normal gold at the Goodwill: a 1950's/60's man's Mongolian camel hair 3/4 length coat that fit Ryan PERFECTLY ($7.99), an adorable empire-waisted handmade dress from the 70's ($5), a handmade lace wedding dress (with full crinoline slip!) from either the late 40's or early 50's w/matching veil ($7.99), and a suede car coat with mink collar ($4.99). Because Grammy was with me, we also got the senior discount! Below are a few pictures of my finds:

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