Saturday, October 16, 2010

Uncommon Sights

Last night, Ryan decided that it was high time he and I went out for a little "night on the town." We have always believed that - even after marriage - you should continue to date your spouse. Not to mention that the two of us work ourselves to death every day for peanuts, and while I don't mind hard labor and living frugally, every now and then you have to loosen the purse strings or you just lose all motivation. This week has been particularly stressful (both with Grandpa-related fiascoes and lots of "winterizing" appointments and maintenance), so we needed to let off some steam. I hurried through evening chores before Ryan came home from work (the constant farm girl dilemma: if I shower and get ready before chores, how the hell do I keep the hay off of my hair and face?!?), and was ready to go by the time he arrived. I haven't been feeling so well this week, so I wanted to stay a bit muted in my dress. I settled on my vintage navy linen pencil skirt from Holly Vogue Vintage (LOVE that online store!), a black 100% cashmere cardigan with rhinestone buttons that I bought for $1 at a yard sale, knee-high boots to hide my white girl legs, and my lovely blue vintage hat that I bought at the J-ville City Yard Sale. I topped the outfit off with my $4 vintage costume jewelry bracelet (thank you, Grammy, for haggling the thrift store down from $10! *laughing*). To me, this felt pretty low-key. I guess I was wrong...

We went to friend David's 38 Central restaurant in downtown Medford. We sat bar-side, and enjoyed drinks, appetizers, and a light meal. We also were finally able to meet a mutual friend of David's - a delightful woman that I am excited to spend more time with in the future! In any event, every woman (and some men) that walked through the door gazed at (and often came up and commented on) my hat. I'm not used to being the center of attention like makes me uncomfortable. I wear my hats for
me - because I love them - not because I want to be noticed. Anywho, I think it's a sad day that people no longer care so much about their appearance when going out. I'm not bashing t-shirts and jeans, either! Goodness knows, that is my weekly outfit and I LOVE it. But when you go out to a nice dinner or drinks or something, get a little dressed up. I miss the "good old days" when women especially used to get dressed up "to the nines." Now, if you do that, people come up and ask if you are going to Prom/in a commercial/crazy. Whatever happened to pride in appearance?! Anywho, I squirmed a bit in my seat, though I was very glad that my hat was so well received. One of my favorite questions of the night was, "Do you have trouble seeing through the veil?" I believe I answered something to the effect of, "Only when walking toward a bright light." Yup, I can't claim to think well on my feet. I never was good at improv in high school speech and debate. Just ask anyone who went to school with me.

One thing that did make my cheeks glow (besides the blushing at the constant compliments - everyone kept saying what wonderfully rosy cheeks I had, and I wanted to remark, "Yes. That is because I am blushing because I am EMBARRASSED at all of the attention!") was caused by something that Ryan said to me last night. On the way home after dinner, he said, "There were a lot of beautiful women who came through that door tonight, but they all looked the same. They were dressed the way that society has dictated, and they all looked alike. Here I was, next to the most beautiful woman of them all, who dresses completely differently, and looks FABULOUS." I am paraphrasing a bit, but that was the gist. :)

If you have read previous posts, you will know about my GORGEOUS red Lilli Diamond vintage dress that I bought at an estate sale months ago. Ryan and I have been meaning to go out and "premiere" that dress ever since I purchased it. We have decided to wait until the weather cools a bit, so I can really dress it up with my vintage coat(s) the way the ladies used to. Ryan plans to wear his 3-piece suit with his black fedora hat and antique watch fob! Anywho, I think we may need to warn David when we go out...if people were ga-ga over a mere hat, Lord knows what they will say with a couple dressed like they walked out an early 1940's film. Ryan says I always remind him of a curvy Katherine Hepburn...what does that make Ryan? Henry Fonda?

Stay tuned...

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