Thursday, November 17, 2011

Here Comes Another One

I want to take you back 6 months ago to my birthday last May. That was the day that I wandered into a little antique store in Jacksonville and fell in love with two very different hats. One, an "Original by Ranel" chapeau with adorable pheasant birdie, ultimately came home with me that day. The other, an adorable tilt hat by "Erna," remained at the store to await a different fate...or so I thought.

Fast forward to last week: I happened to stop into the little antiques store again, and who should greet me at the counter but that precious little tilt hat. I decided then and there that I had to have it. Afterall, it had sat in that store for six months, patiently waiting. It was time for my little tilt to come home.

This tilt hat is a very interesting style - one that you don't often see. In true tilt style, there is a solid patch of fabric in back to hold the hat to the head (as well as the more traditional felt band) while it tilts forward.

The truly unique aspect of this hat is that the crown, which slouches forward in a very charming fashion, is actually slightly (and purposely) off-center of the brim!

Very interesting, and rakish! Finally, the hat is decorated with a curled ostrich feather on one side, and a veil in front.

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