Saturday, December 03, 2011

Back in Time...

Every holiday season our fabulous (historic) little town of Jacksonville goes all out and hosts a "Victorian Christmas." People dress up in full Victorian costume, there are stands offering roasted chestnuts and hot coffee on the street, loads of lights and Christmas trees on display, and even horse-drawn carriage rides! Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, but living near Jacksonville during this time makes it even better! I had wanted to go to the Christmas parade last night in Jacksonville too, but it was far too cold to drag my pleurisy-prone husband (it was 35 degrees at 6 pm, and 27 degrees at 9 pm - oh yes, and 20 degrees for morning chores today!). I had to console myself with making humorously dementedly-shaped gingerbread cookies at home instead:

I DID drag my husband out this afternoon for a quick (and COLD!) walk around downtown Jacksonville.

I wore the gorgeous 1940s wool suit that Ryan had purchased for me earlier this week, which also happens to look fabulous with my "new" vintage hat ("Binky").

We were told we looked like we had stepped straight out of a movie.

We got our picture taken with the Victorian-costumed town crier and joked that the photo celebrated "100 years of fashion!" :)

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LRH said...

LOVE that suit. You guys are so stylin!