Thursday, December 15, 2011


This Saturday, I will be time traveling back into the latter half of Prohibition. There will be Moonshine and Flapper Girls, and I plan to be one of them!

To celebrate 5 Fab years in business, Elements (a local tapas bar) is hosting a "Prohibition Party," complete with "Prohibition-Era Cocktails" (which is a bit of an oxymoron). My lovely friend, Lady H, and I have come up with authentic 1920s costumes to wear, and of course my handsome husband will be escorting us. The party starts at 9 pm, which is normally my bedtime, but I told Ryan that I wanted to go to this since (1) There's no cover charge (unlike the last Flapper Costume Party we had to miss due to the hefty ticket price), and (2) We are young and should go out once in a while and have some damn fun!

So, here is what Lady H's ensemble will consist of:

Authentic Flapper-Era Dress (courtesy of the lovely Jeanna!)

Modern era (but flapper style) cloche hat

1930s fur coat (a bit too late to be "true flapper" in the normal style that we associate with that, but Prohibition wasn't repealed until 1933, so technically the coat works). Love the big bakelite buttons on this beauty!

My own outfit is a bit less "true," but still awesome!:

My dress has elements of the flapper look, but leans more towards the 1930s. This dress is a perfect example (to me, anyway) of how the two styles are morphing (and will later transform into the 1930s classic look)

My feathered cloche is actually from the 1950s, but a cloche is a cloche and I love wearing this one!

My fur coat is from the 1960s or so, but my authentic flapper era coat (the gorgeous blue one of previous blog posts) won't be quite warm enough for me to wear in this teen's-and-20-degree winter weather!

Ryan will of course be wearing his handsome three-piece suit and fedora.

Guys have it so easy.

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