Sunday, January 15, 2012

Moonshine & Ragtime Jazz Bar Party

This past weekend we held a "Moonshine & Ragtime" Prohibition-era costume party. We completely rearranged our living and dining rooms into a jazz bar/lounge/bistro. I have to say, I was pretty pleased with how snazzy-looking it all turned out! We had a vintage-style record player, on which we played LP's of some of the giants of ragtime jazz.

We had a fully-stocked bar, a HOT bartender (I even got to go home with him afterwards! *laughing*), cigars, and some great bar food (sliders and sweet potato fries). We put a lot of time, effort, and money into the party, and the results definitely showed (that it was worth it)! We even had a "Bar Open" light-up sign in the front window, and soft (electric) candlelight throughout the house. When we had gone over to the liquor store to buy supplies (with the shopping cart loaded down, it felt as though we were buying OUT the store), we told the owner that we were hosting a costumed flapper party, and the owner gave me - for free! - a small flask for strapping to my thigh. He said I needed to be 100% authentic. How cool is that?! Then, the morning of the party, I had an appointment to get my hair cut (much needed!!), and the awesome stylist gave me a "flapper girl" set of curls for the party. So nice!

A couple of handsome bootleggers!

I have dubbed us three flapper gals the "Charleston Trio!"

Who says you can't wear a dress AND smoke a fat cigar?!

The only downside was that, out of an originally pretty respectable RSVP list, almost every single person made a last minute cancellation. Even under normal circumstances that is extremely irritating, unless it's an "I'm so sick I can't make it" cancellation. However, when the host has specifically contacted you in advance to verify that you are free, and you say that you are and fully agree to come, do NOT ditch the party at the last minute because something better comes along! One cancellation in particular was very upsetting because, in so many words, I was told, "Well, this other thing sounds more fun, so sorry!" THANKS. Anywho, the few folks who did show made up for everything, and were so awesome because they all got completely into the party spirit (costumes and all!)! We had great conversation, drinks, and a smoke-filled jazzy ambiance. It was everything I had pictured the party to be, on an enjoyably intimate scale. So thank you to the brave few who ventured out and attended! You made the evening a great success!!

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