Saturday, February 04, 2012

First Decent Thrifting Spree in AGES!

Well, I FINALLY had some success at the local thrift stores yesterday! Found some gorgeous vintage dresses and vintage magazines! Some are already in my Etsy store, and some I will be keeping for personal merriment. The husband and I are heading out again today to check out a new antique store that's opening up, as well as hit the local thrift stores again and see if my luck still holds...

Some fab vintage magazines for my reading pleasure!: two 1938 editions of Pictorial Review, along with two 1945 & one 1946 editions of McCall's.

A late 1950s/1960s stretchy gold metallic knit dress with empire waist and gold/rhinestone buckle medallion; metal back zipper; 16" slit in front. You can see and purchase in here in my Etsy store.

(TRUE-hued!) Emerald green handmade satin gown - modern creation patterned after the trumpet skirt styles of the 1930s. Narrows hips though. You can see and purchase in here in my Etsy store.

1940s/1950s men's Wittnauer wind-up wrist watch - SOLD! And heading off to Australia!

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G 1940s HANDMADE (HANDWOVEN?) sweater dress with tiny black beads woven into the fabric!! Metal side zipper, long sleeves, scalloped collar and skirt bottom (see following pic for detailing) - just breathtaking! And in pristine condition!

Close-up of scalloped hem detailing and beadwork.

And on a final note, my grandmother and I have just about finished repairing/restoring this gorgeous ~1930s kimono robe. You can read more about it here. This is a picture of the back now that all of the breathtaking embroidery has been reattached.

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