Sunday, March 11, 2012

That Once A Year "Wild" Social Event

For B&B "research purposes" (mainly, because we were tired of getting asked questions about whether or not we had been to the Shakespeare Festival/Britt/etc - to which our answer is always, "No, sorry, we have no time and no social lives!") we decided that we needed to head over to Ashland last night for a little R&R and some time viewing the Oregon Cabaret Theater's production of "Let's Misbehave." We did the full dinner-and-drinks (even ordered a bottle of bubbly to sip leisurely throughout the play), and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

All dressed up and ready to head over to our front (& center!) row seats at the Oregon Cabaret Theater's production of Let's Misbehave (of course, it's a Cole Porter musical!). It is set in 1935, so Ryan and I used that as an excuse to get "into the vintage spirit!"

You can't really see it in the picture, but I'm wearing my vintage 1940s black beaded sweater dress (hundreds of tiny beads are interwoven into the fabric to make it sparkle), which matched PERFECTLY with my Frank Palma tilt hat! This is the hat very similar to the one worn by Rosalind Russell in "The Women." It has several black felt sparrows (some sequined, some plain) cascading down the hat. The black sequins in the hat matched the black sparkles in the dress!

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