Monday, October 15, 2012

Latest Vintage Hat Scores!: French Faux Birds, Famous Faux Birds

Ok, I actually purchased these right before we left for our vacation.  The past week has been SO ridiculously busy, I haven't had time to post about them until now...

French Faux Birds

This exquisitely unique 1940s open-crown hat was miscategorized (and I find a great deal of irony in this) as a doll hat!  The style is a first for me - I have never seen anything like it!  I almost want to call it an "up-do hat," as I feel I should wear my hair up somehow to accommodate the structure of the hat...?  It was created by the legendary French milliner, Solange de Fabry, and I am told that it is rare to find her creations outside of France.  


The hat is a circular band, composed of white feathers/birds glued over a buckram frame.  The band is thicker in front, and decorated with rhinestones.  

In back, the band thins out and forms little faux bird heads (with rhinestones for eyes and chic rhinestone collars!).  

The detailing on everything is amazing!

Famous Faux Birds

This fabulous little 1940s tilt hat is my 2nd Caspar-Davis faux birdie hat!  Caspar-Davis was a milliner for the Hollywood movie stars, and it definitely shows in the quality of the worksmanship.  The hat is a bit moth-eaten, but still structurally sound.  

The tail feathers of the fake bird come down to caress the cheek of the wearer!

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