Saturday, February 23, 2013

Etsy Store Sneak Preview!

Here's a sneak preview of some of the vintage items hitting my Etsy store soon...

Adorable 1950s/1960s handmade cropped blouse.  The fabric is a fun black & white checkerboard with plastic buttons in front and metal zipper in back.

Amazing 1950s/1960s Emma Domb evening gown - covered in sequins, with an attached blue satin train in back.

Gorgeous 1940s mink (or possibly muskrat?) fur coat with two large bakelite buttons.  The fur is still incredibly soft, albeit worn in spots.  The pockets have been replaced, but are a tad shallow (so you may decide to redo them), and I have repaired several small tears (mostly in the shoulder and arm areas).  

Being sold "as-is," but still a sturdy and glorious vintage fur coat!

P.S. - Like the hat I'm wearing in some of these pictures?  Oh yeah, I made that too...It's not for sale (sorry!), but there is a very similar one (albeit in different colors) hitting my millinery Etsy store soon!

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