Sunday, April 14, 2013

To The Rescue! (Again)

I still have one more formal dress at the dry cleaners, but here are pictures of the other vintage pieces that I "rescued" from this local estate.

Adorable 1940s two-piece knit suit in a deep, dark green.  Can you believe that the seller had removed all of the beautiful buttons, and was planning to save those and throw this outfit away?!  Breaks my heart to think of that happening, so I am very, very glad that I could save it and give it a good the open-weave detailing along the shoulders!

1950s two-piece wool knit set in a lovely nubby purple.  The skirt waist is elastic, and the back of the sweater has a short metal zipper.  This one had so many moth holes as to make it almost unsalvageable!  Thankfully, a lot of matching thread and a great deal of patience saved this beautiful set!

This 1940s/1950s two-piece suit set was originally white...and sadly so badly stained that no amount of stain remover could save it.  It had to be dyed a darker color in order to make it wearable again.  The only RIT dye I had left was a bottle of what (on the box) appeared to be a sunshiny yellow-orange that I thought looked quite nice.  The color that actually came out was a than I expected!  I didn't think it would look good on me, but from the moment I slipped the suit on, I was in love!  The orange color is actually quite perfect against my skin tone, and I LOVE the style of the suit and the super-bright color!  Not to mention, the adorable rhinestone trim work on the bottom of the jacket.  This set is proof that I can pull just about anything off, including a screaming-orange vintage suit with a faux bird hat!

Next, an adorable 1950s vintage wool dress with matching belt!  Love the colors on this...the dress was another piece that was so badly moth eaten it was almost beyond saving.  Yet again, matching thread and a bit of patience paid off...also had to repair the zipper (which was broken).

Now how about this adorable 1950s ranchwear set: embroidered blouse, slacks, and beaded belt (not shown).  Some light staining overall, but still an absolutely fabulous set!  Putting it on makes me immediately want to go out and rope some ornery donkeys!

Gorgeous 1950s silk-like material dress with red floral print and matching red belt.  I cherish this pretty piece!  The shoulders are heavily stained, but the print is so busy that it kind of hides it...

Out of all of the pieces that I "rescued," this 1950s cotton dress with french landmarks novelty print was the most badly abused.  There were several large tears in the shoulders, a missing zipper, and such heavy staining that I could never hope to remove it!  The bright side is that I was able to mend the tears, replace the zipper, and find a red belt that covers the worst of the stains.  I am now in love with this piece...who wants to go out for coffee and pastries?!

As stated previously, there is one final red satin formal gown at the dry cleaners.  I can't wait to get pictures of that, as it is GORGEOUS!  In the meantime, I have to say that I am quite pleased with my $20 lot of vintage clothing pieces.

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