Friday, April 26, 2013

Escape From the Funny Farm

Some days, it truly does feel like the "Funny Farm" around here.  And I was beginning to feel that if I didn't escape, I would get sort of...well..."funny."

So, Ryan and I decided on an all-day date!  I dressed up in my recently-acquired, adorable (but sadly abused) 1950s French landmarks novelty print dress.  The red wool bolero jacket was something that I actually picked up while on our date.  Since it matched my dress so perfectly, I wore it for the rest of the day!  I also adorned my lovely locks with one of my spectacular "Art Bern Hats by Frank Palma" chapeaus.  The design of this one is simply incredible!

We started our morning with coffee, bagels, and cream cheese at the local spot, "The Good Bean."  From there, we went on to antique shopping, vintage clothing hunting, and ended up in Ashland eating French pastries while wearing French novelty prints (I know, I know!  Sooo cliche!).

It was a grand day out...and I felt very relaxed...until we arrived home, and - as usual - all hell broke loose.  First, we discovered that our two mischievous/wild boy donkeys had been playing a bit too roughly with each other, and one of them had a seeping bite wound on the side of his neck.  Nothing serious, but we still had to chase him around the pasture with a can of antiseptic spray.  Then, a phone call informed us that we had less than 48 hours to prepare for a 14-day visit from relatives.  This, of course, threw everyone in an uproar...

All in all, it was a wonderful and much-needed day off.  Ryan bought me a beautiful antique wooden hat block too!  I'm so excited to use it!

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