Monday, July 29, 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole...

I recently completed several new hats for my Etsy store, some of which have already sold.  One of the most popular hats was this Mad Hatter Tea Cup hat.  The hat body is styled after a vintage 1940s-era tilt hat.  The wired crown is pinched and tucked to create that fabulous flared silhouette.  The steaming beverage is composed of an iridescent fabric for the liquid, and white curled peacock feathers for the steam.  I bent the wired brim a bit to give it more of that rakish air.

The in-stock hat used in the photographs has already sold, but you can still get your own version via custom order.  I will try and make a few more in-stock hats of this style for the shop soon.  I find it somewhat humorous that in-stock always sells better than a custom order listing of the same hat...I guess it has something to do with people's love of instant gratification?  Who knows!

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