Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pink Carnies

I have a confession to make: in all of my life, I have never once attended a county fair.  Ever.  And I have lived in the country for quite some time...

Yesterday, that all changed.

Ryan and I went on an impromptu date to the Jackson County Fair...and it was AWESOME!  I wish I had felt more energetic, as this was the one place where I could have dressed in my wildest outfit and not even been out of place.  Alas, I settled to be pretty in pinks & purples.  

Throughout the day, my pink hues kept growing: pink cotton candy, pink pig (Ryan won it for me at the Lucky Duck game booth), and a pink parasol that my dear husband insisted on buying for me because it matched my outfit.

We ate the most delicious plate of fish and chips at the food court, and Ryan even got to ride Tonto the camel!  

We visited the livestock section (ok, I dragged Ryan there first) and looked at the goats (two Nigerian Dwarfs represented our small but mighty caprines!).  I loved being all dressed up, and receiving looks from people who logically assumed that this dame had never ever gotten her feet dirty before.  Ah, I love being a stealth farmer!

Long story short, it was the BEST day either of us have had in a very long time.  Being workaholics in the middle of summer tourist season, we have been exhausted and stressed and not allowed ourselves any time for fun.  I was so thankful that we decided to seize the moment and have one of the best dates ever.  I will always cherish that day in my heart and in my memories.

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