Sunday, August 04, 2013

Seeing Red: 2nd Version of the Mad Hatter Tea Cup Hat

I had some requests to make a different version of the Mad Hatter tea cup hat in red felt this time.  I made a few other changes to the design as well.  This time, instead of using the black & white-striped antique ribbon (which was a gift, and I cannot for the life of me find ANYWHERE that sells more of it!  I only have enough to make two more hats with it, and I am saving that for any custom orders I may get), I found the most adorable antique (slightly narrower) ribbon with red and green poker clubs on it.  I thought this was perfect for the mad hatter theme!  

I also decided to use a larger, single curled peacock feather for the steam, instead of a cluster of smaller curled ones.  It makes it more striking this way, I think.

The hat is available for purchase as an in-stock item and as a custom order.  The in-stock is a lower price because I was able to utilize materials on hand, as opposed to having to order new materials (and meet the expensive minimum order requirement) from my supplier.

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