Friday, October 16, 2009

I think it's about to attack the Enterprise...?

So I have decided to branch out into growing freaky cacti. No insult intended to the cacti - they only appear freaky to the uninitiated human! Yet again I have discovered the joys of bartering via craigslist (once again after filtering out the weirdos). This time I have managed to barter (1) cord of firewood for plants, split (no pun intended!) between two different parties. One very nice gentleman will be giving me an established plant of the fabulous Night Blooming Cereus. The other (also very nice) gentleman will be giving me two established plants of Cereus, and many cuttings (to begin my own plants!) off of his Dragon Fruit/Queen of the Night cactus plant.

Each will receive a 1/2 cord of firewood delivered to them in exchange. Who ever would have guessed that having four wretched house-denting oak trees could be such a positive asset (well, after they were cut down and chopped into firewood)! I am nearly bouncy with joy at the aspect of having REAL house plants! I told Ryan that I get very tired of having to constantly change out flowers in the vases around our house/B&B. And what will I do in the winter when there are no flowers??! Now, instead of vases on every table (which, in the summer, I am sure I will still have a few vases full of roses - only now I won't need quite so many to decorate with!), I can have freaky (but fascinating!) cactus plants! Honestly, this is much more fitting...

To see pictures that other people have taken of these fascinating plants, click on the links below:

Night Blooming Cereus

Dragon Fruit / Queen of the Night

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