Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's Growing on the Farm this Winter?...

Winter time is when the rare and exotic (for Oregon, anyway!) plants come out. Spring and Summer are usually entirely focused on culinary herbs and fruits and veggies for the garden. Late Winter/Early Spring is the time for grafting projects. Early Fall to Early Spring is when I start germinat
ing my rare/medicinal herbs and trees. I managed to barter via craigslist (which is a GOLD MINE if you can filter out the weirdo's) for two fabulous metal halide grow light systems (and made a wonderful new friend as a result of one trade!), and now I may have tracked down a person to barter with for some Night Blooming Cereus cactus, with a possible lead on where to track down some carrion flower plants! I am very excited! So, thanks to a loan from a very generous friend of two T5 flourescent lights to get my seedlings germinating (once they are big enough to be repotted, I switch them over to the metal halide lights), I currently have sprouting in my flats:
Dessert Willow
Balm of Gilead (the actual herb, not the tree that commonly goes by that name)
Burning Bush
Yellow Gentian
Baical Skullcap
Marsh Mallow
Empress Tree
Purple Coneflower
Gravel Root

Our Solarium is still being repaired, so in the mean time my little plant babies are housed on tables in my livingroom! I suppose it's a good thing that winter time is the slow season for the B&B business!

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