Thursday, February 04, 2010

Another Day, Another Barter

I'm so very pleased!: I have managed another fine trade yet again through
craigslist! This time it was some of my herb seeds and plant starts for Jerusalem Artichoke tubers. I am going to be converting one of my 9 pear-crate-turned-container-garden into a half Sunchoke half Yacon bed. The nurseries seem to charge an awful lot for the tubers, so I posted an ad on craigslist asking for a barter. A very nice woman from Ashland answered, and today we are making the trade! I am quite excited! They are well-adapted to our climate zone, and can even over-winter in ground here.

Speaking of pear crates, Ryan brought home two more yesterday. One is going to be my second burdock bed, and the other is going to be my new garden sorrel bed. After speaking with a friend (who grows sorrel herself), I decided sorrel was
definitely a must-have for my garden! With my addiction to leafy greens, this early spring producer sounded perfect. I can't wait to purchase the seeds (unfortunately, I have to hold tight until payday next week).

Yesterday, I transplanted my
Stupice (pronounced "Stoo-pee-ka") and Orange Oxheart tomato starts into larger pots, along with my Jalapeno pepper, Mexican Tarragon, and Echinacea starts. I have estimated that by the time I am done and ready to begin selling, I am will have roughly 500 or more heirloom tomato plants, and about an equal number of heirloom pepper plants. I talked to Ryan about this, and besides selling them to friends and family and people on craigslist, we are also thinking of hosting a "Plant Sale Extravaganza" event in mid- to late-April at the farm. It will be $1 per start for tomatoes and peppers, and 50 cents per pot of herb starts. You can donate a plastic gallon plant pot and receive one free tomato or pepper start of your choice (limit one per customer). Once we coordinate schedules, we will post the date, time, and other details.

I sat down at the computer yesterday and sketched out a very much NOT to scale diagram of my raised beds on the property. If you are interested, you can view them below. The garden pasture will be planted solely with grain (
Camelina, Amaranth, and Quinoa) and squash/melon (Marina di Chiogga and Long Island Cheese winter squash, and Moon & Stars watermelon) crops. Due to poor soil and extreme gopher problems, I have decided that raised bed gardening is the best way to go about things around here!

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