Monday, February 21, 2011

Behind the Times...

So, I learned something important these last two weeks:

High Stress Levels+Lack of Sleep+Immense Physical Labor=2 weeks of viral ebola death plague

Needless to say, I've been feeling a bit under the weather.

I managed to sidestep that nasty pneumonia that's been going around, but got stuck with a horrible head cold & wet cough that just hasn't wanted to go away. I'm finally on the upswing, and on the last three days of antibiotic - which is a HUGE relief to me, since it makes me so photosensitive that I can't even spend a half hour in the greenhouse without getting very nauseous and sunburned. Meanest thing you can do to a gardener. Ever.

Still, I am insanely stubborn, and I did manage to transplant nearly all of the onions, leeks, broccoli, cauliflower, oregano, thyme, the remaining artichokes, and lavender starts into 4" pots.

(This is what I look like caught in the act of not obeying the doctor OR my husband):

I got three new germination trays started with clary sage (which began sprouting yesterday!), more leeks, Litchi Tomato, Giant Cape Gooseberry, and an entire germination tray of nothing but Applegate Valley Heirloom Tomato seeds (batches #2-5)! I had forgotten how many seeds I'd saved from those tomatoes! I filled a 72-plug germination tray with about 5-7 seeds per plug, and it was as though I hadn't even TOUCHED the seed packet! I am very thrilled to be growing so many plants of such a beautiful and unique tomato!

I have also decided to grow two varieties of sorghum this year: Tarahumara grain/popping variety, and Mennonite syrup/grain (a great multipurpose one). Ryan and I are always looking for plants that can multitask, and I think sorghum fits the bill! You can grind the grain into a nutritious and gluten-free flour, or use it as a smaller and nutty-tasting popcorn replacement; you can use the stalks of the syrup varieties to make your own type of molasses, and livestock & poultry LOVE sorghum leaves and grain! In short, it's the perfect pancake plant! *grin*

I told my husband that, at this rate, I've already pretty much outgrown my two garden plots, and we haven't even planted the new plot yet!


And to brighten up my somewhat antibiotic/illness-induced funk, there are signs of spring everywhere:

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Nickie said...

You sound like me, disobeying orders and going out and working LOL at least you had a nice warm greenhosue to work in. I snuck out in the cold wind and rain to prune my fruit trees....