Monday, February 07, 2011

Getting Organized (Mostly!)

Saturday morning, after some down-and-dirty tractor work in the garden, Ryan and I headed into Medford to pick up my "new" old armoire. It was once used in a Roseburg bed and breakfast (which has since closed down, and the owners have moved to Medford), and was made in the 1940s or 1950s.

It's definitely seen better days, but with some furniture polish and a little creative reinforcing, it's just perfect for my needs!

It even came with the original key (which works, since it still has the original double mortise locks!!!!), which was a HUGE selling point for me.

Yes, I could have found a sturdier armoire for a bit less money, but this one has not only a HISTORY but original hardware (of which - if you'll look around our B&B - I am a huge sucker for).

So, long story short, I LOVE it! My vintage hats, coats, dresses, and shoes just BARELY all fit in there too! I'm still trying to figure out where to place the final four vintage hats, but all of my really nice (and expensive) ones are now safely stored away from moths and marauding packs of kittens. And with the flat top, I can store my extra hat boxes on top of the armoire!

Ryan and I also reorganized our entire basement "apartment" to fit the new armoire, and actually the new arrangement makes everything feel SO much bigger! It's fascinating to me how ADDING a large piece of furniture can make a room feel BIGGER.

On a side note, a similar key as mine is selling for SIXTY dollars on ebay right now!!

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