Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Breakfast

Our veggie-bacon frittatas have been an enormous hit! They are made fresh, using local ingredients. The eggs come from our flock of chickens and ducks, and the kale, baby garlic, oregano, thyme, and borage flower decoration are also from our property. The bacon & asparagus are naturally grown by our neighbors up the road, and even the breadcrumbs are from our own homemade sourdough rolls!

Four fresh frittatas, made to order! 

Another delicious new dish appearing on the breakfast menu this year: Apple-Oat Crisp with maple syrup and our own apple butter. This dish is sweetened without using additional sugar. Instead, we let the natural flavors of the maple syrup and apple butter sweeten it, and the lemon verbena adds a refreshing citrus finish that helps to cleanse the palate! The dish is garnished with lemon balm and borage from the garden...a bright and cheery breakfast plate! I like to call this "edible art."


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