Sunday, June 02, 2013

Concrete Path to Enlightenment

This past week, we finished pouring the concrete for the new outdoor patio area and walkway.  This patio area is connected with the new tri-level cedar deck (part of the Apothecary Suite's private deck).  However, as only the uppermost tier of the cedar deck is private, we wanted to encourage all of our guests to enjoy the new outdoor area and herb garden.  So, we decided to add in a concrete patio (think BBQ area!), and a concrete path that meanders around the deck, past a lovely bubbling fountain, through a stand of young fruit trees, and into the formal herb garden.

Getting the cement truck in there was a tight fit, let me tell you!

I went through my rock and fossil collection (from my "wild" geology days) and picked out some of my favorite pieces.  We placed these randomly in the concrete of the walkway, for guests to contemplate as they walk the path to enlightenment (or at least where the hamburgers are being grilled!).  There are everything from agates to ammonites in the walkway, and I think people will enjoy walking along and discovering all the different pieces of my youth.  Each rock or fossil is the memory of some adventure in a far off place.


The concrete was poured on Friday, and has spent the weekend drying.  We're hoping to have everything finished and landscaped by mid- to late-June.

Next task: mulch!

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