Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What's For Breakfast?

We recently had a 3-day booking here at the B&B (with some of the nicest guests in the entire world, might I just say), and I had a great deal of fun composing the breakfasts each morning.  Now is the time of year when the garden is really beginning to come online production-wise (as well as the fruit - cherries were ripe last Saturday!), so the meals just keep getting better...

At 7:30 am each morning, we always start with freshly-baked sourdough rolls with choice of butter or one of our amazing herbal jams.

At 8 am, the main breakfast begins.  You might enjoy:

Farm fresh scrambled eggs with brown butter-fried sage and chives

Individual watermelon cups with raspberries and chocolate mint

Raspberry-Cornmeal muffin sweetened with honey and made using our own home-grown and hand-ground heirloom cornmeal

Veggie-Bacon Frittatas (with vegetables and herbs out of the garden, and locally-raised bacon)

Apple-Oat Crisp made using our own apple butter and heirloom apples (when in season)

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