Thursday, September 24, 2009

Light at the End of the Tunnel...

I moved 7 (large wheelbarrow) loads of logs & mulch yesterday, and 7 loads of logs today. There are only three large logs left that need to be cut and moved, and then I can begin the task of rebuilding my raised bed! My licorice and saffron want their home back! With all of the mulch created from our recent tree removal, I have been able to mulch the walkways around my raised beds, so everything is beginning to look very nice. Spent last weekend weeding my medicinal herb bed, and may try to weed my culinary bed this weekend (it needs it!). The sunflowers are about ready to be harvested, and I have marshmallow and Empress Tree sprouts coming up in the nursery flats. Going to plant some juniper and bayberry seeds in outside beds soon too. Next big project: disassemble the old goat shelter and begin landscaping that area and the Secret Garden (which was basically massacred during tree removal)...there's always something to do around here.
I am going to be undertaking a large grafting project this winter: grafting 100 heirloom apple trees for our new orchard. I will also be propagating some heirloom roses, fig trees, and honeysuckle from cuttings. And here you thought winter was such a dull time of year!!
Have a pot of stew simmering on the stove right now: local organic beef, barley, and garden onions...can't wait for dinner! - Moving logs all morning is hard work!

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