Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Slowly but surely we are getting all of the logs cleared away from beside the Solarium. It's hard, back-breaking labor, but it needs to be done as quickly as possible! I want to get my third raised bed put back together so that I can (re)plant my madder, saffron bulbs, and licorice (all of which I had to dig up and put into pots for the tree removal last week). I recently planted some juniper and bayberry seeds, and will plant more in the coming weeks. I look forward to someday in the future being able to make my own bayberry candles! During a visit to Horizon Herbs yesterday to purchase some bloodroot rhizomes and more seeds, Ryan fell in fascinated love with a type of tree referred to as an Empress Tree, so we picked up a package of seeds for that as well. I have planted a few to see if I can get some to germinate before winter. Speaking of plants and winter, our contractor finally ordered the replacement parts for my Solarium! Instead of putting glass panels over half of the ceiling (and regular roof on the rest), we are going to make the entire ceiling be composed of glass panels. This will greatly improve my off season growing abilities, though it does mean that the house will tend to be hotter in the summers (but that's what heavy curtains and ceiling fans are for!). I am looking forward to having my Solarium back to normal!

Went to the town-wide Ruch Yard Sale (put on by the local Fire Department). It was an absolute blast, and we got some great deals! I managed to snag two original oil paintings (one is by a local artist of - I am pretty sure - McKee Bridge!), one sketch, and one original watercolor. Ryan picked up numerous tools and parts, and I also got about 100 1-gallon planting pots, which I was in desperate need of for my grafting project later this winter!

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