Friday, September 11, 2009

Planning For the Future...

I have wanted to put in an orchard on the back portion of our property pretty much ever since we moved here. The problem was that it already had a large shelter for animals, and the three boy llamas seemed to enjoy being over there. Now that we have the barn, I realized that I can move llamas around! We are going to move Dixie and Gloria into the angora pasture, and Marci will go in with Jeriko and Moonie (over by Punkin's pasture). Winchester, George, Judge, and Sweet Pea will go into the new pasture (we finally got the metal shelter set up and reinforced over there) next to the Apothecary Suite deck. Then, we will disassemble and move the old wooden shelter out of the back pasture, cut down the old oak tree (which needs to be removed anyway), and begin planning the orchard! I am going to graft apple and peach trees this winter on a large scale (as well as propagate some fig trees from cuttings!). This means we will have to wait a bit longer for our trees to "take" before planting, but it will be cheaper and SO much more worthwhile (as I will be able to tell people, "Yes, I grafted those trees myself! I remember when they were just pieces of rootstock and scion..." *dramatic sniffle*). I am really excited!! We are going to graft scion from all of our current heirloom apple trees (Cox's
Orange Pippin, Arkansas Black, Winesap, Fireside, Chenango Strawberry, & Cinnamon Spice), and I am also going to purchase some Ashmead's Kernal and White Pearmain. We want to raise exclusively heirloom apples. As I mentioned, we are also going to throw in some peach & fig trees! I honestly can't express how happy I am to begin this endeavor! It will be truly amazing to watch everything grow and take shape!

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