Sunday, December 06, 2009

And the Freaky Cacti Fetish Continues...

So I am branching out and attempting to grow freaky cacti from seed. This is a whole new area of gardening that I have yet to explore, and I am pretty excited! Placed my Horizon Herbs order for seeds of three different (and fascinating!) cacti varieties:

Hylocereus undatus
(The Dragon Fruit cactus that I have mentioned in earlier posts)

Echinocereus triglochidiatus
(Also known as the Pitajaya Cactus - produces tasty fruit!)

...and the cactus that I am the most excited for...

Trichocereus pachanoi
(The San Pedro Cactus, which apparently makes a fabulous house plant!)

Here is another link with information about the San Pedro Cactus.


Christine B. said...

Freaky botanical fetishes, gotta have one or two, right? I have never tried cactus from seed, update us on how that goes....

Cheers from Alaska,


NellJean said...

You have lots of plans for the coming year. Writing them is the first step toward completion.

I came here from Blotanical, where you have messages waiting on your Plot and need to do a Feedburner feed so your blog posts show up on Blotanical.

It's a fun place. Reading the FAQ under the Help tab helped me learn my way around.

Nell Jean
Secrets of a Seedscatterer

Beth said...

Nice blog. I must appreciate the last picture of flowers on your blog. It looks beautiful. Expecting some more picture like it on your blog.