Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Plant Babies!

It's been less than a week, and already some of my Yerba del Lobo, Heimia, and Mullein seeds have sprouted! I am really looking forward to watching the rest of my seeds germinate over the weeks! I am trying to summon up the energy to finish planting my other three germination trays (gotta stick to "The Plan" for January - see posting below), but a nasty head cold has laid me low.

Speaking of January, I am excited to begin a new (and hopefully better year). 2009 was fraught with stress and heartbreak, though it had some good times too. I am ready for an upswing though, and I just think that 2010, with its beginnings engulfed in the Blue Moon, will be just that! What good luck that a blue moon falls on New Year's Eve! To me, that simply
has to mean positive things. Traditionally, the blue moon is a time of rare occurances and mystical happenings, and is supposed to be the time (along with New Year's Eve - a fact that I find ironic) when you look back on your past accomplishments and failures, and set new goals for yourself. I figure that, based on this, the goals I set myself for 2010 (goals, mind you, not resolutions) should have the extra oomph! from the blue moon's happy glow. Ryan and I need all of the positive energy we can get!!

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