Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Year At A Close...

Hard to believe (okay, impossible, really) that the year is already almost at a close. There is so much that I wanted to accomplish, and yet ran out of time for! Even with winter hitting, I am already looking ahead to spring and planning my garden and heirloom apple orchard. This month, I need to get all of my culinary herb seeds germinating in preparation for transplanting in February (according to my OSU Extension gardening guide). In January, I need to begin getting all of my cold weather vegetable seeds germinating. January is also the month of pruning and grafting. I still need to order my omega tool and rootstocks. Ryan and I are going to put a 32-tree heirloom apple orchard in the back of the property (where George, Judge, and Winchester are currently living). We will be be using scion wood from our own 15 heirloom apples trees already found on the property (Arkansas Black, Winesap, Fireside, Cinnamon Spice, Chenango Strawberry, & Cox's Orange Pippin)), but I will also be ordering some scion wood for Ashmead's Kernal, Calville Blanc d'Hiver, Pitmaston Pineapple, Wealthy, and the White Pearmain. I am so excited to have an heirloom orchard! Besides apples, I will be planting my grape starts (that I began last February from cuttings taken from Longsword Vineyard (thanks, Matt!!)), and taking some cuttings of my heirloom roses (specifically Duchesse de Portland & Harison's Yellow), honeysuckle, and fig trees for propagating new plants. So January will be a very busy month! In February, I am already going to be direct-seeding cold weather vegetable crops into my raised beds, and tilling my large garden plot in preparation for a large scale planting in March. So much to do!...

Thinking ahead to next year makes me also ponder what goals I have in mind for 2010. I hate making New Years' resolutions, but I DO believe in setting obtainable goals for yourself for the coming year. Here is my list:

1. Increase the size of my dairy goat herd (pretty easy, since I have 5 does due in February & March - fingers are crossed for lots of girl babies!!)

2. Finish building my 4th raised bed in the herb garden

3. Finish landscaping the herb garden

4. Plant one or more fig trees over Jugi's grave

5. Have an amazing summer with the B&B business! Pay off 2 out of 3 large debts associated with moving to Oregon/getting the B&B up off of its feet

6. Get a cheese press, and have Ryan make hard cheeses for eating in Winter 2010

7. Increase yacon crop (possibly 2 separate harvests in May and November: growing my yacon indoors this winter, harvesting it in May, and then setting it out again for another harvest in November)

8. Graft 100 heirloom apple trees (and pray for a 70%+ success rate)

9. Begin landscaping the "Innkeepers' Backyard." My goal is to have it looking pretty (if not exactly finished) by the summer solstice in June, so that I can have a Solstice/BBQ party in my yard!

10. Build the outdoor dutch oven in the "Innkeepers' Backyard."

11. Increase advertising for the B&B

12. Increase types of medicinal herbs found in my herb garden

13. Grow more freaky cacti (from seed!)

14. Help Ryan to convert the larger Apothecary Suite closet into a walk-in library

15. Begin converting the Solarium into a real conservatory.

16. Finish building planter boxes for the Secret Garden & plant more grapes, etc. in that area

17. Obtain my nursery license and begin making plant sales

18. Visit my heart sister, Elaina, and her (*fingers crossed*) baby!!

19. Spend more time with my husband & appreciate the beautiful moments in life


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