Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Newest Conquest

Business has been a bit slower than I would like to see this year, so I have not had the opportunity for many "fun" purchases. However, I am determined when it comes to my hat addiction. For quite a while, I had been squirreling away money from egg/jam/etc. sales, as well as B&B tips. Finally, I was able to afford the next specimen in my vintage hat collection: a beautiful feathered hat from FabGabs. The hat was love (or should I say lust?) at first sight. I had been worried that it would sell before I would be able to afford it, but thankfully, it was meant to be mine!

I can totally work the ridiculous feathered hats.

And now, as business has suddenly decided to pick up with a madness bordering on sadomasochism (at least in terms of my health, sanity, etc.), I have promised myself that if I can get 7 nights worth of reservations for our B&B this August, I will splurge on another pretty hat. May seem silly, but every now and then you need to get yourself something fun to brighten up the never-ending drudgery that is summer tourist season (and farm life in general). Not that I don't enjoy my job (I very much do, though that is far more true when we have the awesome guests), but I work insanely hard for what amounts to (when all things are said and done) very little pay - and that pay tends to go swiftly to other farm & business related expenses. I have decided that if I hit or exceed my goal for August, it's time to do something nice for myself. Sort of a pat on the back, if you will...or at least an ornament on the head.

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