Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Well, as I mentioned in a previous post, I did finish my dress in time for Melanie's wedding. However, due to the warmth of the day (and the thick black velvet of the dress), I decided not to wear it. People have been asking for pictures of the finished dress, so here is one of me in the dress (ignore the hat - it totally does not go with the outfit! Don't know what I was thinking...?).

Overall, the pattern was surprisingly simple (this from a person who is terrible at sewing, so that should tell you something!). The bodice and skirt consisted of two pieces each that were easily sewn together. Originally, the pattern had a small hook and eye closure at the top of the skirt. However, given the tightness of the bodice, this was not a logical closure method. Thus, I modified the dress at the end with a 22" invisible zipper, which ended up working GREAT!

What I like about this dress is the excellent fit - it's tight enough around the waist to be flattering, but loose enough in the shoulders and hips to be comfortable. This is an outfit that you could dress up OR down. The other thing that I like about this pattern is the mock apron peplum. While I was originally disappointed that it was not a REAL apron peplum (and someday I plan to make the pattern again, but modify it to have an actual apron peplum - possibly attached to the bodice and flatteringly gathered at the sides of the torso), I liked how the lace really created an illusion of one.

The hardest part about sewing this pattern (for me, anyway) was gathering the skirt enough to fit the bodice without making it appear so poofed out as to be unflattering on my curvy figure. It took two tries, but I ended up getting it right. Now it has just enough gather to be flattering, without making me look pregnant.
I would absolutely recommend this pattern as a great dress for beginner sewers! As mentioned previously, I plan to sew it again but modify it to look more like an Emma Domb dress I saw for sale with the attached apron peplum...

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