Thursday, September 02, 2010

My New Vintage Dress

My sewing pattern arrived today! And from that very moment, I have been hard at work sewing-sewing-sewing. Thank goodness it's an easy pattern, as I am no seamstress. But I can stitch a straight line (most of the time anyway), and follow basic directions. After about 5 hours "playing" away, I have the body complete and the skirt nearly so (and gathered!). The only problem is that the pattern does not have a well thought out closure. Their method of using a few hooks at the top of the skirt doesn't make sense to me for a dress with a very tight bodice. I am having trouble getting my arms into the bodice, so I decided to say a prayer tomorrow and cut into the bodice and insert a make-shift zipper. I have worked so hard thus far, and am so close to being done, that I think I might cry if I screw my dress up now! But I HAVE to modify the method of closure somehow, or I'll have a beautiful dress but no logical means of wearing it... The other aspect that does concern me is the extra material needed for the seam of the zipper in this already tight bodice. I may make it too tight by having to put in a zipper, and yes, I could rip the stitches out of the sides and resew (giving myself more leeway with a smaller seam allowance), but I don't want to have to!

Anywho, cross your fingers for me!

P.S. - I LOVE the vintage lace I used as an accent...I used it as a decorative band across the bodice, along the bottom of the skirt, and again as a mock peplum apron on the skirt body (the pattern really fooled me! I thought it had an ACTUAL separate peplum piece! But this is a pretty cool "cheater" method).


Nancy said...

Wow, I thought it had a peplum too! Haha, gee there goes my accurate description on the pattern. I like the end result, lots of great texture and interest to it!
(This is Nancy from Things Found if you hadn't figured that already from my comment ;])

Apothecary Inn said...

I really loved the pattern! I'm definitely a beginner seamstress, so the pattern was perfect because it was a simple enough pattern for me to use/make, but the completed dress looks very beautiful and advanced! I LOVED the black velvet with the vintage lace! I need to get a better picture of the completed dress though! The one picture I did take of it simply does not do it justice.
The only negative for the pattern I have is that their closure simply does not work. You really have to insert a 22" zipper into the back of the bodice.