Saturday, September 11, 2010


Well, after my earlier post about that beautiful blue hat I saw at a yard sale but didn't buy, I thought that that was the last of it. Well, lo and behold, who should I see at the city-wide Jacksonville Yard Sale today but that same lady selling that same lovely hat! So, like a drug addict, I whipped out my wallet and bought my hat - the hat that I had thought about every day since that yard sale weeks ago...and yes, in all irony, I DID pay her asking price. I didn't care at that point. I wanted my damn hat!


(Good to see you again!)

The hat has an adorable bow in back, and the inside label reads "Mr. John Classic." While this hat is 1940's in style, I believe that it was actually made in the 1960's (which is when this hat maker was popular).

Speaking of the Jacksonville Yard Sale, Ryan, my grandmother, and I had a great morning out! We did a lot of browsing, and scored many excellent finds! For example, for $5 I picked up a leaded crystal 6-goblet apéritif set that matched the wine glasses I bought at that thrift store months ago. I also purchased a BEAUTIFUL leaded crystal decanter set with matching goblets and serving tray. That decanter is HEAVY! For $1, I picked up a lovely set of white elbow-length vintage opera gloves (with pearly buttons!), a cute little vintage purse ($2), a lacy off-white dress from the 1950's ($3), and a vintage black fox (head) fur stole (I'm too embarassed to admit what I paid for that).

No excuse not to get all dolled up for drinks now!!!

Pictures to come later...

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