Monday, November 01, 2010

Witches, Workaholics, and Wine! Party

A big thank you to all of the wonderful folks who came out to our "Halloween Party For Workaholics" gathering. Many of the workaholics - true to form - could not make it, but we did have a lovely assortment of some of our favorite over-worked & under-appreciated people! *grin* It was so nice to see everyone!

Besides being an excuse to partake in some post-Harvest socializing and drinking, this party was also put on to showcase some of the delicious fall garden bounty coming off of our property (or locally in the valley). Every ingredient - with the exception of the lamb (Yale Creek Ranch up the road), cheese (our goats have been dried off for the year - sad day), and basic ingredients such as salt, olive oil, maple syrup, etc. - every ingredient was out of Jillian's garden. There were Maple-Glazed Sweet Potatoes; Heirloom Squash ("Pumpkin") Pie; Molten Chocolate Cherry Cakes w/Vodka Cherry Preserves & Mint; Mustard & Brown Sugar-Baked Lamb w/Plum-Mint Dipping Sauce; Beet Greens & Sorrel Salad w/Cherry Tomatoes, Apples, Raspberries, Walnuts, & Litchi Tomatoes; Tomato Soup w/Sourdough Crackers for Dipping; Shrimp Cocktail; Appalachian Cornbread Muffins; Bread and Butter Pickles; Primrose Crackers with Chive-Chevre Dip; Garden Veggie Pizza; and of course a great deal of local wine and beer!

Judging by the 6 empty wine bottles, 9 empty beer bottles, and nearly empty table at the end of the night, I'd say the party was a success!

Thanks for coming!!

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