Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Celebration of the Garden's Bounty

This year, our Thanksgiving will be a celebration of our garden's (and farm's) bounty. We will be cooking our own turkey (the 2nd largest tom - 19 lbs. - which was grown and raised on our land), and the stuffing with be made from scratch using Ryan's sourdough bread crumbs and herbs from the garden. For sides, there will be maple-glazed sweet potatoes (our own Beauregard and Purple Sweet Potatoes! What a colorful dish!), mashed potatoes (again, our own multi-colored tubers), "pumpkin" pie using one of our heirloom Sweet Meat winter squashes (and my famous flaky pie crust), a cranberry-yacon-fennel relish that uses our yacon and fennel bulbs, and of course some of Ryan's famous sourdough rolls (hot out of the oven!). With two kittens and two grandparents to share it with, what more could you ask for?

Oh, and let's not forget the appetizers: homemade sourdough crackers with our own turkey liver pate!

After the meal, there will be popcorn and family movie time. The movie choice? An old classic with Hepburn and "Bogey": The African Queen

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