Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bean Buying Binge

I received my copy of Fearing Burr's 1865 edition of , "The Field and Garden Vegetables of America," yesterday! I was very happily surprised at the book's excellent condition, given the fact that it's about 150 years old!! It has the beautiful pressed-type and old woodcut drawings...I LOVE IT!!

Now I am just waiting on my uncirculated, mint-condition, 1931 copy of "Beans of New York" (aka the much-flawed but oft-quoted "Bean Bible.").

I've spent a small fortune (and given my husband a large aneurysm) on heirloom pole bean seeds from my SSE member yearbook/catalog. There are just so many beautiful and fascinating heirloom beans, and pole beans can be easily grown along a fence without taking up precious garden space!!! Yay!

You can read about the varieties I will be growing in this year's garden on our new "Kitchen Gardens" page of our B&B website. That just shows a sampling of what's available, not everything that we actually grow.

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