Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Spring & A New Set of Wheels...

Can't wait to take this baby out for a spin!

It's been an unusual level of stressful insanity around here lately, but then what else is new? On the bright side, signs of spring are EVERYWHERE, and my favorite ones are shown below:

The peach trees are waking up, and soon will be decorating the property with their beautiful blossoms!

The Valerian is waking up!

The Black Cumin is sprouting!!

Here's one of my baby Applegate Valley Heirloom Tomato sprouts. This is one of about 700 sprouts or so currently in my greenhouse. I can almost taste those delicious, fresh tomatoes!!

We have decided to increase and diversify our poultry flock this year. I have ordered 26 assorted female "rainbow egg layer" chicks, 10 black Indian Runner ducklings (1 drake, 9 females), and 15+ bronze turkeys. We have been wanting ducks for ages - especially for the delicious eggs! - and we finally decided to just go ahead and get them! I can't wait to have the option of cooking with chicken OR duck eggs! And Runner ducks are so hysterical to watch...

Just today I finally purchased my long-awaited gigantic green "garden wagon," so that I can wheel loads of plants in and out of the greenhouse. Exciting! Also this year, we've put in more apple, plum, and cherry trees on the property! Our original apple trees are old enough to produce, and I think we'll get a decent harvest this year. Can't wait for apple cider some day!! Ryan has plans to build a cider press, and I know we are going to need it when all of our trees start really producing fruit in the coming years...

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