Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cobwebs and Crinolines...

(My husband made a special request that this be the title!)

Ryan and I went out and about today, running errands all over town. He did unbend enough to take me into the Sally Store along the way, where I discovered a multitude of pretty crinoline slips (I have been in desperate need of some!) and a gorgeous vintage 1960s dress by "Miss Elliette of California." The brown dress goes well with my coloring and fits like a glove, and I LOVE the hand-beaded belt!

Getting the uber-poofy crinolines home was VERY interesting, considering that we were in our tiny pickup truck! I was basically buried in crinolines for most of the day...which prompted some strange looks from other drivers. Teeheehee.

Anywho, the title of this blog is "Cobwebs and Crinolines" because those poor crinolines were in DESPERATE need of some love and cleaning! They were covered in cobwebs and dead spiders, which of course prompted a great joke from Ryan: "That doesn't speak well for previous wearer's love life!" SNAP! *laughing* I think it's safe to say that there will be no cobwebs in the crinoline(s) of MY love life!

The outing (and wonderful vintage items) were a great pick-me-up after yesterday's NOT FUN last minute doctor's visit. They finally managed to squeeze me in yesterday afternoon, and I was run through numerous not-fun tests to try and determine the cause of my problems. Of course, being me, I have them stumped. SO, there will be lots more tests and general merriment in store for me in the near future. Awesomeness. NOT. On the bright side, one of my SSE seed requests arrived! I got a bunch of heirloom bean seeds! This is what $4 will get you:

My favorites out of this package are the Amish Knuttle and Snowcap (pictured):


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