Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Peppers Can Be Weird Too

So, here is something new for me: about 40% of my PBC-211 peppers are germinating as albino plants! Now, I know that with artichokes (which don't reproduce true to form via seed) you are supposed to weed out the white/small plants and just let the big ones grow. However, pepper plants DO reproduce true to form, so I know that this is something different...perhaps there is some variation in color (such as in fish peppers) with this species, but not being able to find out ANYTHING about this pepper, I can only guess.

So, long story short, I am excited to see what sort of wonderfully weird peppers both forms of the PBC-211 grow into!


Nickie said...

I hope they grow for you but anytime I get an albine seedling they just end up dieing...they cannot produce chlorophyl (food) for themselves.

Apothecary Inn said...

You were absolutely correct! The seedlings soon died because they were unable to produce chlorophyll. Sad!!! :(

I find it interesting that I have never experienced this phenomenon in a plant that was not an artichoke (aka in anything that reproduces true to seed/type), and that it only occurred in ONE particular type of pepper plant - an "experimental" pepper from a research institute...hmmm...