Saturday, May 05, 2012

Coming Along...

We've been hard at work here on the farm, getting the inn & grounds ready for another (hopefully great) tourist season!  To that end, we had two enormous truckloads of mulch delivered last week - one for the Herb Garden, and one to complete the front patio area.


We also began construction on the new outdoor deck.  We demolished part of the old deck, and are in the process of building a new, tri-level deck with a pergola over the Apothecary Suite's hot tub.  There is also a 6' tall cedar privacy fence being put up to separate the guest area from our private "Innkeepers' Backyard."  The new tri-level deck will be open on the two lower levels to all guests, with the upper level (containing the hot tub and pergola) reserved for guests of the Apothecary Suite only.  The pergola adds a measure of privacy to the hot tub area, and will also help shade it, and the guest room, from the hot afternoon sun.

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