Monday, May 14, 2012

A Trip Back In Time...

The new deck is nearly complete!  All that remains (besides landscaping the immediate area surrounding it, and pouring the concrete patio area) to be finished is the roof over the pergola!  The deck, as we discovered yesterday, makes an absolutely wonderful area to take pictures at!  FINALLY!  I have somewhere photogenic!


Ryan asleep on the job!


My grandmother and I went to a yard sale in Medford on Saturday morning, braving the holiday crazies.  There is only one thing that would make me venture out into the world on the Saturday morning of Mother's Day Weekend - cheap vintage dresses!  While they ended up not being quite as cheap as I hoped, they were still an economical alternative to Etsy or Ebay.  The woman selling them had quite a few, but at $40 a pop, I could only afford two (she did give me a price break though in the end).  The two that I ended up getting were the first two that I saw, and it was definitely love at first sight!  They are both 1930s era - the bronze one is later, the black and white one is early- to mid-1930s.  Both are breathtakingly lovely!  I think the bronze one is going to be my birthday dress (it will beautifully match both of my Frank Palma birthday hats! - pics of those coming after my actual birthday).  As you can see from the pictures, I have to take the hem up on the bronze one, since I'm such a short little thing, but otherwise it fits perfectly and is in amazing condition.  The black and white one needed some repair work (which is why there aren't any pics of me wearing it yet), and I have to delicately add some extra gathers at the sides of the bust too, since I'm an A-cup and it was definitely made for a "busty lady."

The bronze dress is a two-piece ensemble: practically strapless (the straps are teeny tiny) dress with a matching bolero.  There is black lace detailing on the dress bodice and all over the bolero.  The dress zips up the side with a metal zipper.

The earlier 1930s dress is a sheer black and white floral pattern with black lace.  It is closer to the roaring 20s!  It is a three-piece outfit: slip (the straps are made with matching black and white fabric!), dress, and cape.  The dress closes on the side with metal snaps, has a rear "belt" that is attached at one side and circles the back of the dress to attach to the other side via metal snaps.  The dress is stained lightly in several areas, and could use a gentle washing, which I will do after alterations.  The hem line and cape contain a BEAUTIFUL and delicate black lace...just breathtaking!

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